About Me

Who am I?

My name is Alcino. I am the founder mind-awakening-techniques.com and living in Los Angeles, United States. I am a full-time blogger who has passion in the field of self-development. It began introspection me because I felt underdeveloped and find potential ranging from college, work and to become a full-time blogger.

For this purpose, I read a variety of self-help books. Also, almost every day I read the blogs of self-development. From this activity, I know and try a variety of strategies to improve myself.

God bless you, little by little I began to get to live that I wanted regarding personal and professional. For example, I have a system to help me write well, overcoming procrastination tricks work, and tips for better communication with my wife.

Apart from that, as a full-time blogger, I realized that I live my life without income security as when I became employees. Therefore, I struggled mightily to improve themselves so that work and my online projects completed and provided profit