7 Quick Ways to Eliminate Stress – Part 1

RelaxationEveryone has problems, whether it’s an issue in the household, work, friendship, and romance. Some people can solve the problem, but there is also the opposite so stressed.

Do you belong to the second category of individuals? If yes, you need to relieve stress as soon as possible to live a healthy life.
Here are seven ways to reduce stress quickly and easily.

1. Relaxation
Stress is tension or mental and emotional turmoil. Relaxation techniques are beneficial for reducing the mental and emotional strain.
Relaxation techniques that you can try include:
a) Breathe deeply – Pull your breath deeply and exhale while lowering the shoulder slowly from your mouth. Repeat this procedure 10-20 times.
b) Listen to music – Play songs with a quiet tempo or your favorite song. A study showed that music could reduce stress and anxiety.
c) Massaging yourself – Make a light massage on the shoulders, neck, and fingers of your hand. This massage can reduce tension in the muscles of the body.
d) Meditation – Sitting cross-legged, close your eyes, and focus your mind on the things that make you relax (e.g., mountains with waterfalls, quiet morning, or your favorite travel spot). Perform 5-10 minutes.
e) Drinking hot tea, particularly green tea, has thiamine. These amino acids are useful to reduce the levels of cortisol (stress triggers hormone) in your body. Also, tea can also lower blood pressure, so your body becomes more relaxed.
f) Watch funny videos – Visit YouTube.com and search funny videos (e.g., funny movies or humor in football) that make you laugh.
Laugh, your body releases the hormone melatonin endorphin and to suppress the hormone cortisol. Moreover, the vibrations that arise when you laugh as if massaging all parts of your body.

2. Drink enough water
When you’re stressed, you often forget to drink water, do not you? Well, according to various studies, the shortage of body fluids and a half liters of daily water needs (i.e., 2 liters) can increase cortisol levels.
Therefore, drink enough water when you are under stress. Besides suppressing cortisol levels, water can also help you concentrate and avoid dehydration.

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